Methods of watershed management

  1. To improve the groundwater level, several civil structures are constructed in the watershed area, pits and trenches.
  2. The pits or trenches are dogged at equal intervals on the skipping surface to cut the surface – flow and to allow it to percolate through these trenches to enrich the ground level.
  3. Stone embankment or earthen dams.
  4. They are constructed to check the surface – runoff in the catchment areas, to enrich the groundwater.
  5. The farm pond.
  6. They are constructed near the agriculture field in the catchment area to provide enough surface water to the filed and also to enrich the groundwater.
  7. Dykes or underground barriers.
  8. These structures are constructed in the small surface streams e.g. the nallahs, to prevent the free groundwater flow and allow the water-table to come up, to help to improve the irrigation through the dug – wells.

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