Comparison between analog voltmeter and digital voltmeter

Analog voltmeter Digital voltmeter
In analog voltmeter the output signal representation is done by using potentiometric deflection. In digital voltmeter the output signal is represented in the digital form.
The different type are:

  1. Average reading
  2. True rms reading
  3. Sampling type etc.
The different type are:

  1. Ramp type
  2. Integrated type
These voltmeters cannot be programmed. These voltmeters can be programmed.
No overload indication in analog voltmeter. It has an overload indication.
Sensitivity is less in analog voltmeter. Sensitivity is more in digital voltmeter.
In this voltmeter the speed of operation is less. In this voltmeter the speed of operation is more.
The number of measurement range is less. More number of measurement ranges.
It is not require digitization of signal. The digitization of signal is required.
It has poor resolution. It has better resolution.

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