Compensating reactive power flow

  • Unity or in nearer to unity power factor is one of the most desirable for a consumer in order to minimize penalties in order to minimize penalties for low power factor.
  • Due to poor power factor, size and cost of generating plant and distributions equipment increases.
  • Electrical supply utility charges a fixed amount on KVA demand.
  • For the same KW demand, if the power factor is improved, KVA demand also decreases.
  • Due to a decrease in KVA demand, the consumer has to pay less.
  • But, in doing so, consumers have to pay more for the power factor correcting devices.
  • Hence, it is very important to find out the optimum positions.
  • Traditionally, power factor corrections have been done with synchronous condensers which is nothing but externally-excited motors whose excitation determines whether they absorb or supply reactive power to the system.

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