How composite materials are used as industrial materials?

Composite materials have industrial applications-

  • Hybrid composites are used in lightweight transport structural components like boat hulls, aeroplanes etc and lightweight orthopaedic components.
  • Sandwich panels are commonly used in aircraft wings, in roofs walls and floors of the building
  • Plywood is used for making furniture, doors etc.
  • Fibreglass composite is used in construction works for floorings, storage tanks pipelines etc.
  • Fibreglass composite is used to prepare automotive parts to reduce the weight of the vehicles and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Fibreglass composite is used in marine bodies, chemical industries, fertilizer plants, paper industry, thermal power plants, petrochemical industry etc.
  • Boron fibre embedded epoxy resin is used in helicopter rotor blades.
  • Armed fibre reinforced plastic is used as high strength but light weight materials and its use in aerospace, aircraft and marine equipment.
  • Cement concrete is used as building materials.

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