How is conducting polymers classified?

Conducting polymers are classified :

Intrinsically conducting g polymers

It is a polymer whose structural frame has delocalized electron-pair (conjugated π –bonds) or residual charges. In, an electric field the delocalized π electrons get excited and are transported through the polymers material. Valence and conduction bands are formed due to overlapping orbital’s conjugated π – bonds.

Doped conducting polymers

In the doping process, the polymers are either oxidation (removal of electrons )or reduced (addition of electrons) so that polymers chain carries resonating charge it can be further classifieds as-
P- doping (oxidative doping) is done by oxidizing agents like iodine etc.

N—doping (reductive bye doping) is done treating intrinsically conducting polymers with Lewis base due which reduction process takes place. Commonly used N- dopants are Na metal, FeCl3etc.

Extrinsically conducting polymers

  • The conductivity of these the lymers is due to the presence of externally added ingredients. They can further be classified as-
  • The conductive polymer is a polymer filled with conducting elements like carbon black or metallic fibres.
  • Blended polymers are obtained by blending conventional polymers by combining a metal storm with a polydentate ligand.

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