Difference between Monolithic ICs and Hybrid ICs (integrated circuits)

Following are the difference between monolithic ic and hybrid ic.

Monolithic ICs Hybrid ICs
Monolithic integrated circuits which are  fabricated entirely on a  single chips. Hybrid integrated circuits are  fabricated by inter-  connecting a number of  individual chips.
A monolithic integrated  circuit has the full circuit  constructed on a single  piece of silicon or other  semiconductor, then  enclosed in a package with  connecting leads. A Hybrid circuit often  ceramic substrate carrying  one or more silicon chips.  A hybrid can also use  mixed technology, such as  GaAs chips along with  silicon chips.
Small in size as compared to hybrid ICs Large in size as compared to monolithic ICs
In this case all the component are formed together by various method which include diffusion or ion implantation. In this case of hybrid integrated circuits, interconnection usually established by TEM mode transmission lines.
Monolithic ICs are expensive. Hybrid ICs are less expensive.
Speed is high as compared to hybrid ICs. Speed is low as compared to monolithic ICs.
Monolithic ICs provide smaller flexibility in circuit design. Hybrid ICs provide greater flexibility in circuit design.


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