Electronic regulators

Energy conservation techniques in a fan, electronic regulators :

  • Conventional fan regulators incorporated resistors in it for the speed control.
  • Lesser amounts of current flows lesser amounts of current flow through fan and remaining passes through the resistor.
  • On increasing the speed more current is allowed to flow to the fan which can rotate at higher speed.
  • Hence at the low speed, these regulators heat up and waste the energy.
  • Advanced technology available in the regulators is electronic much smaller in size as compared to the conventional electronic regulator.
  • In the electronic fan, regulators triac is used for the speed variation by varying the firing angle.
  • This regulator has no problem with heating thus save energy even when the fan is running at low speeds.
Exotica fan speed regulators

Exotica fan speed regulators

Two types of electronic regulators such as:

  1. Movable type
  2. Step type

Movable type

  • Movable type these are the regulator which move smoothly and don’t include any stepped operation.
  • Better then electrical regulator through suffers from heating of due distortion to the movement of the motor.

Step type

  • Most efficient type and lesser distortion to the movement of the motor so level less heat.

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