What is extraction condensing steam turbine

  • Steam can be obtained at each stage of the multi-stage turbine.
  • Extracted steam can be used to meet the demand of process consumer at an intermediate pressure and left over to the condenser.
  • At condenser, steam is condensed into feel water which ultimate returns to boiler again to reuse.
  • Condensate extractions pump obtains condensate from the hot well and after desecration boiler feed pump carries it is a boiler.
Extraction condensing steam turbine

Extraction condensing steam turbine


  • Electrical power is independent of the thermal load as steam is regulated properly through the turbine.
  • High / low-quality fuel can be used.
  • Suitable when steam demand is varying in nature.


  • Higher capital cost.
  • Suffers from low fuel efficiency.
  • Condensing steam turbine demand high water cooling.
  • Environment impact on the use of low-quality fuel.
  • Complicated foundations so increased the cost of civil constructions.

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