Factors of the cogeneration system

Following various factors of the cogeneration system as:
Electrical load matching :

  • In the base electrical load matching, size of cogeneration plant is chosen to fulfill minimum demand curve. The remaining power need is satisfied by purchasing from the utility.

Thermal load matching :

  • In base thermal load matching, minimum heat requirement of the premises is considered while sizing of the cogeneration plant. auxiliary boilers can supply heat in case of additional heating needs. If excess thermal energy is available it can be exported to the needy places.

Thermal to electrical energy ratio:

  • This is also called as heat to power ratio.
  • Heat to power ratio is one of the most influential technical parameters which can govern the selection of cogeneration system.

Quality of required thermal energy:

  • Quality of thermal energy refers to the temperature and pressures of the steam which can be an attributing factor for the selection of cogeneration scheme.

Fuel availability:

  • The type of readily available fuel is also an important consideration while choosing a cogeneration system. Almost every fuel can be used by a system having compatibility with the same.

Installation and available space:

  • cogeneration system may depend upon whether it’s a retrofit or new installation.

Grid-connected/independent system:

  • Technical design of cogeneration plant may depend upon whether its connected to grid or it’s a standalone system.

Operational costs :

  • Operational cost is amongst the key factors to be considered while choosing a type of cogeneration system.

Pollution concern:

  • These factors are gaining importance in the recent times, needs more attention in the thickly populated area.

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