Features of IEEE 802.11

There are some important features of IEEE (Institute of electrical and electronics engineers) 802.11 which are given below,

  • The IEEE 802.11 gives 1 or 2 MB per second transmission in the 2.4 GHz band.
  • It supports network management services.
  • It supports asynchronous communication.
  • The transmission rate of IEEE 802.11 is 1 and 2 MB per second.
  • It provides time bounded delivery service.
  • It gives continuity of service within extended areas via a distribution system such as Ethernet.
  • It gives multitask as well as broadcast services.
  • It supports for multiple priority levels.
  • It supports for both time critical.
  • Over the air interface between two wireless clients or between a wireless client and a base station.
  • It also provides authentication and registration services.

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