Layout of nuclear power plant

The schematic arrangement of the nuclear power plant.

  1. Nuclear reactor
  2. heat exchanger
  3. Steam turbine
  4. alternator

Nuclear reactor

It is an apparatus in which flue [U235 ] is subjected to nuclear fission. It controls the chain reaction that starts once the fission is done. If the chain reaction is not controlled the result will be an explosion due to fast increase in the energy released.

Heat exchanger

The coolant gives up the heat to the exchanger is utilized in raising the steam.

Steam turbine

The steam produces in the heat exchanger is led to the steam turbine through a value.
After doing a useful work in the turbine, the steam is exhausted to condenser the condenser condenses the steam which is fed to the exchanger through feed water pump.


The steam turbine drives the alternate which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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