What are liquid crystal polymers?

Liquid crystal polymers (LSP) are a polymer that, under suitable conditions of temperature, pressure and concentration, shows a liquid – crystalline mesosphere (one –or two-dimensional, long-range ordered orientation) either in the melt (thermotropic LSP) or in solution (allotropic LSP).

Solid phase has positional and orientation order When the solid melts both these orders are lost. However, if solid melts to liquid crystal phase then the positional order is lost but orientation order maintained, in other words, molecules in liquid crystal phase are free to move but remain oriented in a given direction.

This orientation is not as perfect as solid but partial alignment does represent a degree of order which is absent in ordinary (isotropic) liquid phase. Since the molecular is not fixed the order is described as an average angle molecular are not fixed order is described as an average molecule makes with the direction of the liquid crystal. The direction is the direction of the preferred orientation in the liquid crystal.

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