What are the main features of municipal solid waste

The main features of the directive under the MSWR are summarized below

  • Appropriate arrangement of infrastructure equipment and facilities and facilities for collection, temporary storage, final collection and transportation of solids waste In four categories-biodegradable, recyclable, debris and inert and green waste.
  • All generations-residential, commercial, institutional and specific generators like hotels markets, slaughterhouses, dairy etc. should special colour storage receptacles at the source for separate collection of solids waste in four categories.
  • Area wise wise storage according to generation to be provided either by generators especially the bulk generators or by municipal authorities at transfer points adhering to point to point collection in general.
  • Separate collection of different categories of waste to be organized; door to door ie. Building to building, premises to premises using appropriate type of collection temporary storage and transportation system.
  • Storage facilities to be adequate and maintained to avoid overflow and keeping it clean.
  • Solid waste during collection and transportation not to be exposed to the environment to be stored in closed bins and collected and transported in closed vehicles.
  • Solid waste not to drop or scatter in stress during handling and transportation.
  • Encourage decentralize processing of biodegradable waste by generators themselves.
  • Recyclable not go to landfill, recyclable to be collected and disposed of through rag pickers and organized within the city.

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