The Measurement of yarn count

In both Direct and Indirect system

  1. The length of sample yarn should be accurate.
  2. The weight of sample yarn should be accurate.

In case of yarn available in form of package like Ring Bobbin, cone etc. In such case the yarn is used to wind as number of skins by means of warp reel.

Fig of Warp Reel

Fig of Warp Reel

The warp reel consist of six arms of such length that the length of the yarn wound round once on it would be definite length. Such as one yard or one meter. It also consist of a creel a yarn guide which has small side way traverse to spread the loops of yarn, a length indicator and a warping bell. The warp reel may be hand or motor driven.


The warp reel should circumference length -54”inch (1 ½ yards)
Rotation/ Revolution -80 Rounds.
One length -120 yards
By using formula of direct system:-


2. For determine of yarn count if the short length of yarn (from Fabric).

Measurement of yarn length: – When the yarn is taken from the small piece of fabric. Cut 2 pieces 20inch of rectangular warp way strips and remove 50 threads from each strip. Total 100 warp threads are found.
After removing of threads from the fabric is crimped due to the interlacing of threads. S o it is necessary to estimate the crimp present (%)



3. Measurement of yarn weight

  1. the yarn is conditional in the standard atmosphere for testing before its weight is determined.
  2. The material is dried to oven dry condition and the appropriate commercial regain valence is added to get the corrected weight.

Indirect System relation between yarn diameter and yarn count.


For cotton yarn count is higher the dia of yarn is less that means the yarn becomes finer.
If the count is lower the dia of yarn becomes higher, that means the yarn becomes crosser.

Best Indirect System: – Yarn count and yarn diameter. If the yarn count is increase the fineness of yarn or diameter of yarn increase and vise versa.

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