Textile Gas singeing machine

This machine essentially consists of one or more burner given continuous flat or vertical flames produced by a mixture of compressed air and coal gas. The flames issues from a narrow if which is adjustable width and thickness. When the cloth is drawn over the flame at a high sped the flame impinges on its surface and burns protruding fiber without damaging the cloth. The singing machine has to be adjusted to suit the amount of singing required without the risk of burning the cloth.

Gas singeing machine

When the flame impinges on the cloth surface the fiber ends present in the interstices of the warp and weft are also singed.


  1. Both sides are singed at a time.
  2. Uniform singing of cloth is obtained.
  3. No question of unpainted lecture as there is no contact with any metal surface.
  4. Fibers in the interstices are burnt.
  5. Speed is as high as 80-125min/min.
  6. Flame can be controlled according to the width of the cloth.
  7. Different variety of cloth can be signed.


  1. There is a chance of fiber on the cloth, if the flame is not controlled perfectly.
  2. Quench box is necessary after singing to remove burnt fiber.

Precaution in gas machine

  • The supply of gas to the burner is automatically controlled. If there is breakage of fabric.
  • The machine is enclosed with hood and exhausts for otherwise dust, fly are affecting the eyes.

Singing efficiency
D= Dia of yarn before singing with protruding ends.
d= Dia of yarn after singing with small protruding ends.
N = d/D*100
The singing of synthetic materials should be done after all wet processing treatment scouring, bleaching, dyeing etc, because the synthetic fiber are produce uneven singing.

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