Points to be considered for the selection of a site for building

The selections of the site are the most important factors for the planning and designing of the building.I practice it is rarely possible to secure an ideal site that may fulfill all the requirements.However, the site should be selected which will satisfy most of the following requirements.

  • Hard and firm up solid be available in shallow depth to reduces the cost of constructions.
  • The site filled up soils, marshy, waterlogged area, black-cotton soil, etc. should be avoided.
  • The site should be situated in an elevated place and also beveled. It should not be in depression otherwise there will be a problem of drainage, disposed of rainwater and sanitation.
  • The site should satisfy the purpose and scope of the building.
  • If there is a river or nallah nearby the site should be above the highest flood level.
  • The site should not be situated in such an area where there are safety and security.
  • The site should be well connected by roads, services lanes.
  • As regards ownership, the site should be free from legal litigations.
  • The site should be away from the industrial area, mines, congested, noisy locality, high tension lines and free from smoke dust, unsanitary conditions.
  • There should be the availability of utility services like water supply, electricity, gas drainage facility etc. and also community services like post and fire protection, clearing of waste, street cleaning, and street light etc. and the amenities such as health, education, recreation telephone, shopping centers, means of transport etc.

In case of a public building, the following points should also be considered.

  • The site for administrative buildings such as low-courts, town halls, etc. should be at the focus of the main roads and should be accessible from different parts of the town.
  • The site for health centers like hospitals a and educational buildings like school and colleges etc. should be away from the main arterial roads and free from noise, the bustle of the traffic.
  • The site for religious building such as temples etc. should be near the main business area of the town.
  • The site for industrial buildings such as factories, especially those which give out noxious gases and fumes should be on the outskirts and on the lew-ward of the town so that smoke, dust will not travel over the town to cause/ dust nuisance.

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