Role of civil engineer in infrastructure development

Civil engineers play a major role in the infrastructures development of a country. All structures constructed in the past exhibit the path of civilization and current infrastructures development express the practices followed by civil engineers.

Infrastructure can be defined as activities that provide society with services necessary to conduct daily life and to engage in productive activity and development in a country’s economy.

In a country like India, the major infrastructural. Factors that are most significant in accelerating the pace of economic development are energy, transport, irrigation, finance, communications, education, and health.

The knowledge of basic areas of civil engineering can be of great use in providing the infrastructural facilities where constructional aspects are involved for development of regions.

Infrastructure facilities include

  • Good surface communication links such as tar or concrete rods.
  • Provision of water supply distribution system i.e. construction of water storage reservation or sumps, laying of underground pipes etc.
  • Provision of a drainage system which may include construction of surface drains as subsurface drains for the disposal of wastewater.
  • Supply of electrical power for which construction of transmission line towers, construction of electrical substations.
  • Providing inland communications lines, i.e telephone lines etc.
  • Construction of recreational places e.g gardens, parks etc.

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