Properties of coarse aggregate

There are properties of coarse aggregate such as :

  • It should be clean, dense and cubical in shape.
  • It should be free from silt, clay and coal residues.
  • It should not contain any organic and other admixtures.
  • It should be sharp, course and angular to have good interlocking property.
  • It should be free from thin, flat elongated flaky or splinter particle.
  • The size of the aggregates should be such that the voids in the coarse aggregates are completely filled up by.
  • Fine aggregates and the voids in the fine aggregates are complete.
  • Filled up with cement and water to get dense concrete.
  • The coarse aggregates used in the surface course of road work must withstand the high magnitude of load, stresses, wear and tear due to the abrasive action of traffic.
  • It should not hard enough to resist wear and tear due to the abrasive action of the moving vehicles.
  • It should not disintegrate under adverse weather condition including alternate wet dry and freeze-thaw cycle.
  • Its specific gravity should be more than 27.
Coarse aggregate

Coarse aggregate

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