Scope of civil engineering

Civil engineering is the oldest of all other branches of engineering. it deals with all works related to the city people. It covers and comprises of all activities which fulfill the basic needs of the people along with the provision of comfort, convenience, and good environment. Civil engineering deals with the following works.

  • It provides a shelter which is one of the basic needs of human being needs of a human being for a peaceful and comfortable life. The aim is to provide home and not a house. It is a place where man lives and relaxes.
  • It provides buildings water supply schemes for drinking and processing.
  • It provides buildings for installation of machinery, industry, power station, mills, factories, as well as buildings for other human activities such as entertainment, recreation, and sports.
  • It provides irrigation works which supply and increase the food production of the country.
  • It provides communications facilities like roads, railways, bridges, aerodromes, docks, harbors etc. without which development is impossible.
Diagram - civil engineering

Diagram – civil engineering


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