What are the selection criteria of transducer?

The following factors are to be considered while selecting a transducer for further applications,

  • Operating Principle : The transducers are selected on the basis of operating principle it may be resistive, inductive, capacitive, optical etc.
  • Operating range : The range of transducer should be appropriate for measurement to get a good resolution.
  • Accuracy : The accuracy should be as high as possible or as per the measurement.
  • Range : The transducer can give good result within its specified range, so select transducer as per the operating range.
  • Sensitivity : The transducer should be more sensitive to produce the output or sensitivity should be as per requirement.
  • Loading effect : The transducer’s input impedance should be high and output impedance should be low to avoid loading effect.
  • Errors : The error produced by the transducer should be low as possible.
  • Environmental compatibility : The transducer should maintain input and output characteristic for the selected environmental condition.

selection criteria for transducer

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