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Working principle of PN junction diode

Forward bias of PN junction diode The diode is forward biased. The positive terminal of the battery is connected to the anode of a diode and negative terminal to the cathode. When battery is not connected, there

Application of PN junction diode

The PN junction diode has the following important applications are given below, PN junction diode is used as a voltage doubler, tripler, quadrupler in voltage multiplier circuits. It is used as a rectifier in DC power supply.

What is tunnel diode?

The tunnel diode was first introduced by Dr. Leo Easki in 1958. The Tunnel diode is high conductivity two terminal PN junction diode. It is heavily doped PN junction diode in which voltage increases and the electric

Construction of PIN diode

The PIN diode is a diode with a wide, it lightly doped intrinsic semiconductor region between a p- type semiconductor and an n-type semiconductor region. This region normally heavily doped as they are used for ohmic contacts.


What is a Photodiode? The photodiode is a two terminal PN junction device which is operated in reverse bias. It has a small transparent window which allows light to strike the PN junction. The photodiode is a

Difference between PN junction diode and zener diode

Following are the difference between PN junction diode and zener diode: PN junction diode Zener diode PN junction is not properly doped to control reverse breakdown. Zener diode is properly doped to control reverse breakdown. PN junction

Construction of a Schottky Diode

The Schottky diode is a two terminal device which is used in various applications such as mixer, ac to dc converter. The Schottky barrier diode is also known as “ hot carrier diode” or “surface barrier diode”.