Types of rope drive – fiber and wire rope

Rope drives are wildly used where large amount of power is to be transmitted from one pulley to another pulley.

There are two types of rope drive –

Fiber rope

These are made up from fiber material such as hemp, manila and cotton. The hemp and manila ropes are lubricated with a tar. The cotton rope is very soft. Therefore no lubrication is required. These drive is used for 60 meter distance between two shaft.

There are two classification of fiber rope –

  • Vegetable fiber – This fiber contain hemp, sisalana, henequen, cotton, jute and coir.
  • Synthetic fiber – Nylon is the core composition of the synthetic fiber, usually the tensile strength of nylon is almost three times of vegetable fiber.

Wire Rope

This type of rope s used when the shaft or pulley distance are up to 150 meter apart. These are made by twisting the thin metal steel wire which increases the strength of rope.

Steel wire rope

Steel wire rope

Application of rope
1) It is used in spinning mill.
2) The rope drive is used in lift in multistorage building. The line shaft of each floor is solvent by rope rope by passing directly from main engine pulley.

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