How to use the digital plannimeter to find area of an irregular ?

Preparation: paste or fix the drawing paper containing area on a drawing board. Place the roller at the positioning which will make a right with the main body.
By tracing the outline of the fig. if any inconvenient movement of the roller is found then position of the roller is adjusted.

  • Press- NO key to switch on the power supply.
  • Select the unit by using 2 keys of Unit- 1 and unit – 2.
  • Put a mark like ‘P’ on the outer periphery of the fig. to use it as a starting point.
  • Press START key, the buzzer sound lightly. Confirm that display shows 0 then trace the fig. by lens clockwise the circumference of the fig and close on starting point. The area of fig. will be displayed on display panel.
  • Bigger areas are divided into two or three parts of convenience.
  • By the use of MEMO and AVER, the same area can be a measured number of times and its meaning can be obtained for increase measuring accuracy.

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