Uses of sand

  • Sand is used in cement mortar, lime mortar for stone masonry, bricks masonry.
  • Sand is used in plan cement concrete, reinforced cement   concrete, precast concrete, prestressed concrete Coarse sand is used for face plaster on external walls.
  • Fine sand used plastering to give a smooth surface to the wall.
  • The sand server as a drainage material and is therefore used in filtration plants, filling behind retaining wall, around the foundation, filling well foundation as a filter to drain seepage water from earthen dams.
  • Sand is used below flooring material to provide a hard and level surface.
  • Sand is made of tiny rock fragments eroded by water. Some of your sand grains are the same color as nearby rocks. You may find a lot of light-colored or even clear particles. Many of these are quartz, a mineral high in silica. Because most sand has a lot of quartz, it is used to manufacture glass.


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