What is scraper

This equipment consist of a large bucket called the scraper and is attached to a tractor. It is capacity various from 3m3 to 9m3. The scraper has a cutting edge or blade at the bottom and it is possible to dig earth to a depth of about 250mm. during its forward movement, the blades cut the ground and the loosened earth is collected in the body of the scraper. When the scraper is fully loaded, it is raised above the ground and taken to the site of dumping. The earth from ground and site took to the dumping.



The earth from scraper is then taken out by operating the bottom of it and the earth is laid in a layer of required thickness. The scraper thus combines three operations, mainly, those of digging, conveying and dumping scrapers are usually mounted on two or four prismatic tired wheels. An upon is provided in front of the container which opens and closes in order to regulate the flow of earth in out of the container. Scrapers are capable of producing a very smooth and accurate formation level.

Following are the basic three types of scrapes available

  • Crawler-drawn scraper
  • Two-axel scraper
  • Tree-axel scraper

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