What is transposition

Transposition of conductors is meant that the exchanging of the position of the power conductor at regular intervals along the line so that each conductor occupies the position of every other conductor over equal distance.

Transposition took place several centuries earlier before species of literature had appropriated particular dialects, then the linguistic facts upon which Fick relied to distinguish the ” Aeolic ” and ” Ionic ” elements in Homer disappear.

Hence the transposition of columns merely changes the sign of the determinant.

The procedure is sometimes stated differently, the transposition being regarded as a corollary from a general theorem that the roots of an equation are not altered if the same expression is added to or subtracted from both members of the equation.

Transposition of Conductors

  • The interchange of conductor positions of a transmission line at regular intervals along the route is known as Transposition of Conductors.
  • transposition of the transmission line is used to transpose the phase conductors in three sections in such a way that each phase by rotation occupies each of the three-phase positions in a circuit.
  • In another transposition arrangement called ‘on span transposition’.

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