What is wind energy

The flow of wind depends on different heating and cooling rates of land and water. The kinetic energy of the wind is converted into mechanical energy that can be used to perform useful work or power generation. The wind energy is used to run the windmill. The windmill head has a rotor which rotates turbine blades to generate electricity.

The factors determining output from wind energy converter are as follows

  1. Wind speed
  2. Cross-section of wind swept by the rotor

The conversion efficiency of rotor, transmission system and generator
Wind energy over the earth’s surface is estimated to be 1.6×107 MW. In India, total wind energy resource potential is estimated to be more than 25,000MW. India world’s fifth largest wind power producer, with an annual power production of -8,900MW.

India has wind farms at Tamil Nadu (muppandal), Gujarat (abdasa Jamnagar), Maharashtra (Sangli, Satara), Karnataka (davangere), Rajasthan (Jaisalmer) and various other statuses. The installed capacity of wind power in India was 10,925MW as on 31octber 2009. It is estimated that 6,000MW of addi1tional wind power capacity will be installed in India by 2012. Wind power generates 1.6% of the country power.

Uses of wind energy

  • It is used to grind grains and draw water from well.
  • It is used to generate electricity.

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