Working principle of DC generator

  • Whenever there is a relative motion between a conductor and magnetic field emf will be induced in the conductor.
  • The conductor moves relative to the field and induced emf is called dynamically induced emf.
  • Fleming left-hand rule is used to know the direction of the current in the conductor Dc generator operates on the principal of dynamically induced emf in the conductor.
  • According to faraday ’s low, whenever there is a change in flux, emf induced in the coil.
  • In DC generator, when armature winding is rotated by a prime mover, flux linked with it changes and emf is dynamically induced into armature winding.
  • It works based on the principle of Faraday law of electromagnetic induction.
  • This EMF can be generated when there is either relative space or relative time variation between the conductor and magnetic field.
  • Generators are basically coils of electric conductors, normally copper wire, that is tightly wound onto a metal core and is mounted to turn around inside an exhibit of large magnets.
  • An electric conductor moves through a magnetic field, the magnetism will interface with the electrons in the conductor to induce a flow of electrical current inside it.
DC generator

DC generator

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