Properties of good sand

  • The grains should be sharp, angular and coarse.
  • The sand should be free from clay material and organic matters.
  • The grains should be of durable minerals.
  • It should be free from salts.
  • The gradation of grains size should be such as that it will give minimum voids.
  • It should be clean and free from coatings of clay and silt.
  • It should not contain organic matter.
  • It should be chemically.
  • Sand is loose particles of hard broken rock, it comprises of grains from the disintegrated rock.
  • Sand should be such size that it should pass through I.S. sieve No.-480 [4.75mm]and should retain on I.S. No-5[0.05mm] as per Indian standards[I.S]
Good sand

Good sand

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