Advantage of semiconductor diode over vaccum tubes

Advantage of semiconductor diode over vaccum tubes

  1. The semiconductor diode has very small interelectrode capacitances.
  2. This is very important in high frequency application.
  3. The semiconductor diode does not produce any current in the absence of applied voltage.
  4. It has a smaller size and lighter weight.
  5. It has less power consumption.
  6. It operates at low voltage.
  7. In the wiring it can be easily incorporated.
  8. This cannot be done with vacuum tubes.
  9. It has a long life and is robust in construction.
  10. It doesn’t require warm up time for operation.

Disadvantages of semiconductor diode

  1. It has reverse saturation current.
  2. It cannot withstand high reverse voltage.
  3. It has poor response.
  4. In high frequency rang Noise level is higher in semiconductor device.

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