Advantages and disadvantages of monometer

There are some advantages of monometer which are given below.

  • The monometer is suitable for low pressure applications.
  • It has low cost.
  • It is simple in construction.
  • A manometer does not have to be calibrated against any standard, the pressure difference can be calculated from first principles.
  • It has better sensitivity.
  • The monometer is available for a large range of filling fluids of varying specific gravity.
    It has good accuracy.

There are some disadvantages of monometer which are given below.

  • In monometers the error are introduced due to condensation.
  • It is large in size and bulky.
  • It has no over range protection.
  • It needs leveling.
  • It has slow response, which makes it unsuitable for measuring fluctuating pressures.
  • No fixed reference is available.
  • It has lack of portability.


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