What is P.F tariff ?

  • As its names suggest, in this tariff, the power factor of the consumer load is taken into account while charging the consumer for this electricity use.
  • Low power factor is in an indication of inefficient use of electrical energy.

Power factor =Active power (KW)/ Apparent power (KVA)

  • It can be observed that more the power factors will decrease from unity there will be KVA demand will increase and load (KW) remain constant.
  • Under poor power factor, the capacity requirement of equipment of generations, transmission and distributions is more than that of power factors.
  • It causes high rating of station equipment and line losses, as well as more current, is drawn under this condition.
  • It’s very necessary to run power plant at most economical power factor as it increases the utility of plant and makes use of equipment at its maximum efficiency.

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