Advantages, disadvantages and applications of induction generator

There are some advantages of induction generator which are given below.

  • The induction generator is smaller in size per kilowatt output power.
  • It needs less auxiliary equipment.
  • Parallel operation is possible without hunting.
  • The induction generator has self-protection feature. In the case of the short circuit, if a fault occurs on its terminals, the excitation fails, and the machine stops the generation itself.

There are some disadvantages of induction generator which are given below.

  • The major limitation of an induction generator is that it requires reactive volt-amperes from the auxiliary equipment.

There are some important applications of induction generator which are given below.

  • Induction generator is used to supply additional power to a load in a remote area that is being supplied by a weak transmission line.
  • It is used with the alternative energy sources, such as windmills or with energy recovery systems in the industrial processes.
Induction generator

Induction generator

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