Analog between hydraulic and electric circuits

Hydraulic circuit

  • A hydraulic circuit consists of a water through the pipe. The flow is created and maintained by supplying mechanical energy with the pump.
  • The water particles at the highest potential ‘A’ flow through the pipe and lose their potential energy to overcome the friction in the pipe.
  • Thus the water goes back to the lowest potential level-B.

Electric circuit

  • The electric circuit consists of a follow of charges or electric current through the wire. The current is created and maintained by supplying the electrical energy with the battery.
  • The charges at –B at are at the lowest or zero potential (negative potential).
  • The battery supplies electric energy or does the work to the charges. So the charges gain the potential energy and reach the highest (positive potential) at level –A.
  • Then the charges travel from the higher potential at ‘A’ to the lower potential ‘B’ through the wire and do the work of overcoming the electric friction i.e resistance . in doing so, they lose their potential or energy and come back to the zero potential at ‘B’.

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