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Gas turbine cogeneration system

Works on the principal of bray ton cycle of thermodynamics. Capacity ranges between 500KW to 25MW. In bray ton cycle, atmospheric air is compressed and mixed with fuel in a combustion chamber where the combustion occurs. Expansion

What is extraction condensing steam turbine

Steam can be obtained at each stage of the multi-stage turbine. Extracted steam can be used to meet the demand of process consumer at an intermediate pressure and left over to the condenser. At condenser, steam is

Bottoming cycle type of cogeneration

In the bottoming cycle, cogeneration system fuel is burnt mainly to produce useful heat, unlike the previous system. Then rejected heat in this process is recovered by heat recovery boiler and associated turbine generator to generate electrical

Topping cycle

In a topping cycle, utilization of fuel burnt is mainly for the productions of electricity and excess thermal energy is recovered. Heat energy is generated as a byproduct of the cycle, which is used to attain the

What is P.F tariff ?

As its names suggest, in this tariff, the power factor of the consumer load is taken into account while charging the consumer for this electricity use. Low power factor is in an indication of inefficient use of

What is TOD tariff?

Consumption varies throughout the day (and/or season) so usage pattern varies accordingly and hence demand. In certain timing of the day, electricity demand attains its peak. Normally Indian utility experiences morning peak and evening peak. The demand-supply

Energy audit schemes

Big industries and utilities should be mandated to carry out an energy audit as its identifier the areas of losses and measures to reduce. Incentives should be awarded to utilities as well as consumers who are being

Bill collection facility

A number of payment cells for paying electricity bill should be increased with the development of the areas. Increase in dropbox facilities is also an option for payment collections. E-Payments facility: Options for E-payment are suitable for

Amorphous iron

In the context of energy efficiency in the transformer, amorphous metal core proves advantageous. Amorphous metal is produced by rapid cooling of the molten metal alloy. Amorphous metal is gaining more attention in the nation as well

Energy efficient transformer

Power utility can achieve energy conservation in transmission and distributions system by reducing their efficiency. Distributions system is the key area identified to improve the efficiency and hence health of the financial state of the power sector.