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Meter inaccuracies

Losses due to meter inaccuracies are n nothing but a difference between actual energy supplied to the consumer through the meters and amount registered by meters. When meters it gives negligible errors in the metering, it gives

What is power theft?

Power theft is a problem which has been plaguing a power utility a problem which has been plaguing a power utility since it’s service and accounts for a significant amount of high transmission and distribution losses in

What is copper losses

Occur same as in distribution line and are lesser in quantity as compared to core losses. Copper losses are nothing but dissipated heat by the current in primary as well as secondary winding which can be found

What are copper losses by conductor

Copper losses can be minimized by the use of greater diameter of the conductor wire and winding material with better resistivity. Casually choosing the thickness, increases eddy currents. In this regard, sectionalisation is preferred in order to

Metal halide lamps

Light in metal halide lamps is generated by an electric arc through a gaseous combination of mercury vapours and mixtures of metal components metal halides. These additional metal halides in discharge tube emit their own spectra. This

Difference between feeder and distributer

Feeder Distributor In the substance (s), the voltage magnitude is reduced to a utilization level and then the eclectic power is a distribution to the various area through the conductors which is known as feeders. The distributor

Classification of oscillators

Classification of oscillators: Based on the output waveform: The oscillators are classified as: Sinusoidal oscillator Non-sinusoidal oscillator Based ON the circuit components: RC oscillators LC oscillators Crystal oscillates Based on the range of operating frequency: Low-frequency oscillators

Explain barkhausens criteria for oscillation

Barakhausens criterion: Consider a basic inverting amplifier with an open loop gain ‘A’. As basic amplifier is inverting it produces a phase shift of 1800 between input and output The amplifier to work as an oscillator two

Applications of nano-materials

The nano-materials find applications in various fields of- Medicine Nanomedicine and diagnostics- Nanogold particles selectively accumulate in tumours, providing precise imaging and targeted laser destruction of a tumour harming healthy cells. Bio-barcode assay is a comparatively cheap

Construction of gas pressure cable

Constructionally, pressure cable is similar to that of an ordinary solid type’s cable except that it has a triangular shape. Triangular formation helps to reduce the weight of the cable also the thickness of the lead sheath