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Significance of saponification value

The milligrams of KOH required saponifying 1 g of oil known as saponification value determination of saponification value accurately weighed quantity of oil is taken in a flask and 50 mL of 0.1 alcoholic KOH is added.

What is cloud point and pour point

When oil cooled slowly, the temperature at which it appears hazy or cloudy is known as cloud point. The temperature at which oil stops flowing even after tilting the glass containing the oil under test to a

Determination and significance of acid value

The milligrams of KOH required to completely neutralize free acid present in 1 g of oils is known as acid value or neutralization number. Determination of acid value The accurately weighted quantity of oil is taken in

How is viscosity index calculated for unknown oil?

The viscosity index of unknown lubricating oil is determined by comparing it with two standard oils. The two types of the standard are paraffinic base oil Pennsylvanian oil or Gulf oil or low viscosity standard having a

Method of determination

Aniline point or aniline value of a lubricant is the minimum temperature at which equal of aniline and lubricant under test from a homogeneous solution. Determination of aniline point 15 mL each of aniline and lubricant under

What are viscosity and viscosity index

Viscosity is the measure of internal resistance to motion of a fluid due to cohesion between its own molecules it is measured in mill poise and centipoises. The viscosity of lubricants is measured by standard instruments like

Significance of relative viscosity at different temperature

The significance of relative viscosity at a different temperature is- The relative viscosity of lubricants increases with a decrease in temperature. This leads to poor lubricating property due to thickening of lubricant film which reduces moving to

Properties of bio-degradable lubricants

Biodegradable oils are combinations of selected biodegradable bases (vegetable oils, rape, sunflower, synthetic esters) which are non-toxic, and special additives which give them their desired properties. Needless to say, the choice of base oil is fundamental and

What are bio-degradable lubricants?

Biodegradable or biolubricants are made from vegetable oils (rapeseed oil) or synthetic oils (synthetic esters) that are quickly decomposed by living organisms and are less toxic for people and aquatic environments. Vegetable oils: they consist of olive

What is viscosity and viscosity index

Define: Viscosity: viscosity is the measure of internal resistance to motion of a fluid due to cohesion between its own molecules. Absolute viscosity: absolute viscosity, eta is defined as the force per unit required maintained the unit