Characteristic of good bricks

  • Bricks should be well – burnt, copper colored.
  • They should be free from crack, fissures, stones etc.
  • Bricks should have perfect edges, required shape and standard size 19 × 9 × 9cm.
  • Bricks should be sufficiently hard i.e. when scratched with a nail, no impression should be present.
  • Bricks should give clear metallic ringing sound when stuck with each other.
  • Bricks should be homogeneous and free from blow holes, holes, cracks, voids.
  • Bricks should not absorb water more than 20% and 22% by weight for, 1st and 2nd class bricks respectively when soaked on cold water for 24 hours.
  • Bricks should not break, when struck against another brick or when dropped flat from a height of 1m on the firm ground.
  • Bricks should be soundproof, fire resistant, and weather resistant.
  • Bricks should be free from harmful constituents like the salt of calcium magnesium and potassium.
  • Bricks should be strong and durable. The crushing strength should be 3.5N\mm2.
  • Bricks should have 5 to 7 \mm2 shearing strength.
  • The density of bricks should have been 1.7 to 9 KN\mm2.
good bricks

good bricks

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