Application of GPS

Application to surveying

  • Establishment of high precision zero order geodetic national survey control network of GPS station connecting Remote Island to mainland geodetic control networks.
  • Survey control for topographical and cadastral surveys.
  • Ground control for photogrammetric control survey and mapping.

Application of geology

  • Geophysical positioning, mineral exploration, and mining.
  • Determination of a precise geoid using GPS data.
  • Earthquake monitoring.

Application of navigation

  • Off share positioning – shipping, offshore platforms, fishing boat etc.
  • Spacecraft tracking – vector separation between GPS satellites and other satellites can be monitored by GPS.
  • General aircraft navigation, the approach of runways, navigation/posting in a remote area like a desert, dense jungles, shaded area of microwave, precise sea navigation, approach to harbors etc.

Application to military

  • Military, improved weapon delivery accuracies i.e. for missiles etc. for ranging in artillery, navigation for army, navy, airfare thus affecting ultimate.

Application to water resources and environment management

  • GPS technology is being used extensively in the management of earth rapidly depleting natural resources and degrading environment.
  • Design and planning of dams, spillways, hydroelectric power project, canals etc, is greatly simplified using GPS- based aids.
  • Natural disaster management and mitigation with GPS – GIS-based system.
  • Locating hazardous wastes, using GPS based location system.

Vehicle guidance system.
GPS can be used in the guidance of robots and other machines.

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