Classification of energy sources

Classification of energy sources can be as given below :

Types of energy source Description Example
Primary energy sources

These are the sources which can be directly founds in nature or stored in nature and can be extracted. Available in raw from which needs to be processed first for utilization.

Direct – Coal, Oil, nature gas, biomass, Stored-nuclear energy from radioactive material, Thermal in earth interior.
Secondary energy sources

Secondary energy sources are derived from primary sources in a from of either final fuel or energy supply. Involvement of technological processes in this transformation in between causes drop in primary energy on the way to consumers.

Steam energy from coal, Refined crude oil products such as Gasoline,Petrol,Electricity.
Waste energy resources

It is possible to reuse waste energy liberated in the process of utilization of primary and secondary energy resources. Practically it is achieved by combined heat and power which is more popular as cogeneration.

Energy extracted from cooling system in power plants.
Renewable (Non Conventional)

This is the energy acquired from never ending sources of energy available in nature. The main feature of this is, it can be extracted without causing pollution.

Solar power, wind energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy, biomass.
Non renewable energy

Non renewable energy is the energy obtained from the conventional fuels which are exhaustible today or tomorrow with time.

Coal, oil, gas, Hydro power, Diesel power.

This is the energy accessible from market at certain price. These are the cardinal source for industrialized countries as it’s basic need for industries, commercial transport and agricultural sectors.

Electricity, lignite, coal, oil, natural, gas etc.
None commercial

These sources are not available in the market unlike previous type for a price. Instead these are traditionally gathered.Also termed as traditional fuel and mostly shrugged off in energy accounting.

Firewood , cattle, dung sugarcane crush ,solar thermal water heating etc.

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