Construction of MCB

The 10 ampere DIN rail- moistened thermal magnetic miniature circuit breaker is the most common style in modern domestic consumers units and commercial



  1. Actual power level

Used to manually trip and reset the circuit’s breaker. Also indicates the status of the circuit’s breaker [ON or OFF/tripped]. most breakers are designed so they can still trip even if the sometimes referred to as on positive trip operation.

  1. Actuator mechanism

Force the contacts together or apart.

  1. Contact

Allow current when touching and break the current when moved apart.

  1. Terminals
  2. bimetallic strip.
  3. Calibration screw

Allow the manufacturer to precisely adjust the trip current of the device after assembly.

The overload which is intended to prevent the accidental overloading of the Cin a no-fault situation. The speed of the MCB tripping will vary with the degree of the overload. This is usually achieved by the use of a thermal device in the MCB.

Uses for a Miniature Circuit Breaker

  • Home Electrical Panels.
  • Industrial applications.
  • Ground fault trip mechanism.
  • A short circuit is an electrical failure.

A short circuit is an accidental or intentional conductive path between two or more conductive parts.
The overcurrent is a multiple of the rated current.If too many devices are connected to one line and consume more energy than the line can carry, it is called overload. All components are fine, they just consume too much.

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