Difference between RTD and thermistor

There is difference between RTD and thermistor which are given below.

RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) Thermistor
Here conductor us used which gives increase in resistance with increase in temperature.(i.e. PTC ) Here semiconductor is used which gives change in resistance with change in temperature.(i.e. it shows both NTC and PTC)
The materials used are copper, platinum, nickel, tungsten. In thermistor, semiconductor of ceramic materials are used such as manganese, cobalt, uranium etc.
It has low hysteresis. It has high hysteresis.
It has medium cost. It has low cost.
The RTD is large in size. The thermistor is small in size.
Very small change in resistance. Large and non linear change in resistance.
The reproducibility is good. The reproducibility is less.
The range for measurement are : -260 to 12000 C. The range for measurement are : -50 to 3000 C.

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