Discuss fischer-tropsch process for preparing gasoline

Fischer-tropsch process is carried out to prepare gasoline from non-petroleum origin. The arrangement for charring out this process as

  • Water gas and H2 is sent through Fe2O2 tower where H2S present as an impurity is removed.
  • It is then passed through Fe2O3 and N2CO2 tower where organic sulfur gets removed.
  • The resulting gases are then compressed to 5-25 atmospheres and sent through the catalyst bed. The catalyst bed is maintained on earth in the ration of 200:0C. the bed is made up of cobalt:thoria:magnesia: kieselguhr earth in the ratio of 100:5:8:200.
  • The resulting gaseous mixture is sent through cooler when a liquid resembling crude oil is obtained.
  • Crude oil so obtained is subjected to fractional distillation in a fractionating column to get gasoline and heavy oil.
  • Heavy oil is reused for cracking.
  • The quality and nature of the product depend on the Fischer tropic catalysts, temperature and pressure are used.

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