Energy conservation in electrical motors

    • Energy costs continues to increase due to ever increasing global demand for energy.
    • Industrial sector is awakening in order to reduce cost of production after the markets has the been opened up in early nineties. Decreased production cost marks their product competitive in market.
    • Conservation in energy is the most important area which is focused in order to reduce production cost.
    • Industrial and commercial consumer identifies their most energy consuming culprit which is found to be motors so that energy conservation measures can be applied.
    • 43% to 46% of the world energy consumption and near about 70% of total energy consumption of the industry is due to motor and motor drives.
    • Inefficient motors not only causes wastages of electrical energy but also more operational costs.
    • Most of the electricity to run these motors is generated from non renewable energy plants which also has an incremental effect on green house gases.
    • So economic as well as environmental aspects necessitates as well as environmental aspects necessitates the conservation in electrical motors.
    • Near about shares of electrical energy use by motors in various sectors of are as follows :
Sector Share (in %) Applications
Industrial 70 Processes and material handling equipment
Commerical 50 Mainly HVAC
Agricultural 25 Agriculture pumps and fans
Residential 22 Refrigerators / HVAC
Transport 60 Railways



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