What is fluid bed catalytic cracking

  • Solid catalyst is very finely powdered (fluidized) so that it behaves almost like a fluid and can be circulated in the gas stream.
  • Vapours of heavy and fluidized catalyst are forced into the reactor where cracking occurs.
  • Top of the reactor has a cyclone which does not allow the catalyst to pass on to the fractionating column.
  • The spent catalyst is then sent into catalyst regenerator along with a stream of air where carbon coating over the catalyst burns off and the catalyst is regenerated.
  • Cracked vapours are sent to the fractionating column where untracked heavy oil condenses and the uncondensed light fraction is sent to the cooler.
  • In the coolers the most of the lighter fraction condense gasoline along with the dissolved gases is sent to tanks and uncondensed gases move on.
  • Gasoline containing dissolved gases is then sent through stabilizer where dissolved gases are removed and pure gasoline is obtained.

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