What is linear integrated circuits (LICs)?

Linear Integrated Circuits

Linear Integrated Circuits

Linear Integrated Circuits (LICs) LICs are also referred to as analog ICs due to the fact their input and output can take on a Continuous range of values and the output are Generally proportional to the input. Linear Integrated Circuits use less as compare to digital integrated Circuits. LICs are quickly displacing their discrete circuit counterparts in many applications as their cost become competitive. They also possess much higher reliability because so many external connection (major source of circuit failure ) are eliminated. LICs Find wide use in military and industrial application as well as in consumer products. They are frequently used in

  1. microwave amplifiers
  2. Multipliers
  3. voltage comparators
  4. Voltage regulators
  5. Operational amplifiers
  6. Small –signal amplifiers
  7. Power amplifiers
  8. RF and IF amplifiers

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