Modes of transportation

Different modes of transportation are

  • Roadways
  • Railways
  • Waterways
  • Airways
  • Seaways
  • Special ways


For the proper interior development of the different area of a nation or country an efficient well-planned network of roads connecting to all cities, town and village is essential. They provide a channel for movement for people and good between various are centres of the city. Roads can be used by all types of vehicles such as bullock carts, carriages, rickshaws, cycle, scooters, jeeps cars, buses, lorries etc.

Roads can lead to any remote places and from products can be brought to market. They help in the growth of trade and other economic activities of the country.

In emergencies such as accidents, the injured person can be rushed to the hospital by way of rods only. During flood and draughts, roads are found to be a great boon in transferring the basic commodities efficiently. They are equally useful during a moment of the defence force. In short, roadways are essential for well- being of the nation.


The railways are used for long distance. They carry heavy and bulky materials. They are called permanent ways since the steel train runs. Now a day’s underground ways so-called tube ways are coming into practice.


The transportation on water is by boat and steamers. They are the cheapest form transport and include navigation on rivers, lakes etc. they also carry a large volume of bulky goods. The transportation very slow and therefore, consume more time.


These include aeroplanes, helicopters air craft’s, jet planes etc. it is the valuable goods. They are very useful for quick transport of perishable foods and valuable goods. They are very useful during war times in transportation of armies and weapons and to supply of essential commodities during the famine, foods and hangers etc. hence the construction and maintained is high. The billions are also used for air-travels, but suitable for short distances.


They transport the goods through seas and oceans from one harbour to other. The transportation is by ships, boats and steams. They consume more time. They also carry a large volume of bulky goods. They require the construction of part, docks, harbours, break-waters, lighthouse etc.

Special ways

Ropeways and cableways: these are cable cars and carriages. They run through overhead cables and ropes hang between two short distance stations. They are generally used for transportation of mean and materials in the hilly or mountainous area. They are also used to carry, mine ores, and etc. these are generally adopted when the usual methods of transportation are not possible.

Belt conveyor

These are used for transportation of mine-ores, coals, grains, etc. they are also suitable for the movement of the people in crowded parts of the city.


The pipelines are useful for transport of liquid and gases, petroleum products, water and sewage etc.

Modes of transportation

Modes of transportation

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