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V-I characteristic of tunnel diode

It immediately conducts the diode when forward biased voltage is applied. The current is increases to its peak point value (Ip). The diode currents starts decreasing till it reaches its minimum value called valley point current (Iv)

What is tunnel diode?

The tunnel diode was first introduced by Dr. Leo Easki in 1958. The Tunnel diode is high conductivity two terminal PN junction diode. It is heavily doped PN junction diode in which voltage increases and the electric

Construction of PIN diode

The PIN diode is a diode with a wide, it lightly doped intrinsic semiconductor region between a p- type semiconductor and an n-type semiconductor region. This region normally heavily doped as they are used for ohmic contacts.

Advantages & disadvantages of Laser diodes

The advantage of Laser diodes are given below: The Laser diode operates in lower power as compared to other laser. It gives high power output as compared to other lasers. Laser diode is smaller in size as

Advantage, Disadvantage and application of Schottky diode

The advantage of Schottky diode some of below It has a very low cut-in voltage of about 0.3 V. Schottky diode has very low switching time. Schottky diode has very low power consumption. it has a very

Light emitting diode(LED)

The LED stands for a light emitting diode is an optical semiconductor device which emits lights when voltage is applied and it convert the electrical energy into light energy. Just like a p-n junction that can absorb

Difference between PN junction diode and zener diode

Following are the difference between PN junction diode and zener diode: PN junction diode Zener diode PN junction is not properly doped to control reverse breakdown. Zener diode is properly doped to control reverse breakdown. PN junction

Construction of a Schottky Diode

The Schottky diode is a two terminal device which is used in various applications such as mixer, ac to dc converter. The Schottky barrier diode is also known as “ hot carrier diode” or “surface barrier diode”.

Advantage of semiconductor diode over vaccum tubes

Advantage of semiconductor diode over vaccum tubes The semiconductor diode has very small interelectrode capacitances. This is very important in high frequency application. The semiconductor diode does not produce any current in the absence of applied voltage.