Topping cycle

In a topping cycle, utilization of fuel burnt is mainly for the productions of electricity and excess thermal energy is recovered.

Heat energy is generated as a byproduct of the cycle, which is used to attain the thermal requirements or satisfy process heat.

Four types of topping-cycle cogeneration system are,

  • Combine d cycle topping system
  • Steam turbine topping system
  • Heat recovery topping system
  • Gas turbine topping system.

Combine d cycle topping system

  • Basically, fuel and air are burnt in a combustion chamber and combustions gases thus produced.
  • Mechanical or electrical power is generated by an associated rotary engine or gas turbine.

Steam turbine, topping system

  • In this system, high pressure, as well as low-pressure steam, is produced.
  • Any type of fuel is burnt and a high-pressure steam is produced which is then passed on a steam turbine to produce electric power.

Heat recovery topping system

  • This water absorbs additional heat from an engine.
  • It is run through a heat recovery boiler which can either transformed to process steam or hot water.

Gas turbine topping system

  • This system from the turbine is passed through a heat recovery boiler.
  • This exhaust energy is converted to usable heat/steam.

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