Voltage comparator and Schmitt trigger

Following are the Difference between Voltage comparator and Schmitt trigger.

Voltage Comparator Schmitt Trigger
Voltage Comparator has only one reference voltage. It has two reference voltage utp and VLlt.
The input voltage applied to the non-inverting input and the fixed reference voltage to the inverting input and vice-versa. The time varying input voltage is applied to the inverting input and the feedback voltage to the non-inverting input.
It is open loop system. It is closed loop system.
It does not exhibit Hystersis. Schmitt Trigger has Hystersis Characteristics.
It is used as zero crossing detector, variable threshold detector, level detector, peak-to-peak detector, phase detector, interfacing sense
amplifier and pulse height discriminator.
It is used as a wave shaping circuit, level detector and pulse-height discriminator. Its main use is to convert any kind of wave into
square wave.

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